Episode 004 is up!

Check out the latest episode of “In The Garage!”

We talk about 15mm and gaming news, painting tips, ways of making a gaming board, the different uses of terrain on a board for skirmish games like SpecOps, our first impression of Dropzone Commander and more!

1 thought on “Episode 004 is up!”

  1. Another fine episode. This podcast is inspirational, and a great companion to my paint table. Even better, you guys are helping me keep up with a fast growing and fast moving niche of the the hobby. Even if I never play Dropzone Commander, at least I’ll now be able to talk with guys that do, or recognize what’s going on in the game when I see one in progress down at the friendly local.

    Thanks to you I’m committed to painting my newly acquired 15mm fantasy figures with washes. Been painting for 30 years, and only ever used them for flesh tones. A question before I dip my toe in the ink, can you provide some guidance as to when washes are appropriate versus when drybrushing is appropriate? Is it a question of material or topography or colors or what?

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